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James Chapman

Yoga Therapist, Myofascial and Sports Massage Therapist & Medical Acupuncturist
Professional Experience

James Chapman began teaching yoga in 2003 whilst still in training and introduced yoga to many drug rehab clinics in London.  He taught specialist yoga for mental health for the NHS for 7 years and also for leading charities Mind & Rethink.  James is on the faculty of many leading yoga and yoga therapy training companies and has worked as a massage therapist since 2003, having studied extensively with the worlds leading authorities on Myofascial Release.  He regularly appears on podcasts for the Sports Therapy Association (STA) as a mental health expert in the field.  Over the years James has worked with several Royal families, A list celebrities, diplomats, business leaders, Premiership footballers and professional athletes.  His aim is to help people feel better not just in the moment but in the long term too.  James runs a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training company and is an associate  for Rethink Mental Illness.  He is a plenary speaker for MHFA England on race & ethnicity and runs his own Diversity & Inclusion trainings.

Personal Profile

James Chapman worked as a Senior IT Analyst for years in some of the worlds largest institutions.  Several burnouts later, with a chronic spinal condition, and at his lowest point feeling that he couldn’t carry on, he left the City and dedicated his life to improving his health and wellbeing.  James embarked on a journey of self cultivation studying psychotherapy and also Yoga and massage, initially just for self development.  James then found himself working as a yoga teacher and massage therapist and has done so primarily in the field of mental health for almost 20 years.  For most of James’ life recovery, sobriety &  happiness were concepts that seemed unattainable – experience has shown James that the opposite is true.  Recovery is likely and possible and James is happy to share the skills that he has learnt on his journey to empower others and to achieve the happiness and serenity they deserve.  James is proud to say that he is 21 years sober and living a happy and fulfilling life.

  • Yoga for Mental Health/Addiction
  • Structural massage therapy to release long held patterns of tension, improving function and performance (neck/shoulder pain, jaw issues, migraines/headaches).
  • Over 1200 hours of yoga training, Yoga Therapist, Sports Massage, Advanced Myofascial Release
Professional Membership
  • SMA (Sports Massage Association)
  • IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • MHFA England Instructor Member
Languages Spoken
  • English
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