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John Felgate

Orchestrate Health Head of Case Management, Psychotherapist (in training), Recovery Coach, Sober Companion

John Felgate is the Head of Case Management for Addcounsel and Orchestrate Health. John has over 30 years of experience working for the most prestigious international financial institutions.

However, John was a functioning addict and alcoholic and at the peak of his career, his drinking had become excessive. On the 24th December 1998 at the age of 32, John made the decision to enter recovery and has remained clean and sober since.

In recovery, he rebuilt his career and continued working in the city until 2015 when he retrained as an interventionist. This led to a change of career, one that gave him satisfaction and a sense of purpose that he had never experienced in the city working as a broker. Through his recovery, he realised that he got a lot of enjoyment from helping people and watching them turn their lives around.  In 2016, he set himself up as a Recovery Coach/Sober Companion and Interventionist and began escorting clients into treatment.

He began using his own life experience to change the lives of others who struggle and as well as being a sober companion is now completing his qualifications in psychotherapy.

After working with us on a freelance basis for some years, John accepted the full-time position of Head of Case Management for both Addcounsel and Orchestrate Health in 2021.  John now takes care of each individual client’s case, organising MDTs and meeting the complex needs of both the client and their families for Addcounsel and Orchestrate Health.

His personal experience of the unique pressures of what a high-net-worth lifestyle brings means John Felgate relates to CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs as few others can. He believes in the one-on-one approach to recovery and leads multi-disciplinary teams in designing unique treatment plans for clients and their impacted families.

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