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Sandra Stein

Gestalt/Humanistic Trauma Counsellor

I am Sandra Stein, a bilingual registered Gestalt/Humanistic trauma Counsellor Therapist and publisher.

Having worked in different mental health settings such as the NHS, where the therapeutic work is solution focused and time limited and as well in private clinics across London with open ended work and Rehabilitation Clincs, where I successfully introduced a unique therapeutic style to their frame of substance recovery. I founded S.A.S Counselling Therapy clinic where I help clients from all walks of life to overcome addiction, emotional self-regulation, dealing with loss in its many forms, body dysmorphia and many other behaviours and psychological symptoms.

My curiosity to explore the parts that make us as whole human beings, including the addictive parts, wounded, anxious, depressed, lonely and low-self-worth, is my passion as well as helping people to explore their inner world.

My own multiculturality enables me to be a practitioner that is inquisitive about your history and how that plays a part in your mental health. Having mentored human traffic survivors from different places in world fed my curiosity about differences and how we welcome them in ourselves and in others.

It’s my belief that we all carry the wisdom to emotionally self-regulate and the power to heal from old wounds. My mission is to facilitate that self-discovery by being inquisitive, respectful and empathetic. I believe in a therapeutic relationship where a human meets another human, with no judgement or expectations.

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  • Spanish
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